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Welcome to Palmer NUCCA Club; we’re glad you stopped by.

By visiting us today, you have demonstrated interest in a profession with little more than 200 individuals practicing worldwide. This work is amazing, specific, greatly needed, and extremely rare. As future Chiropractors, we have elected to inherit a tradition of specificity and excellence upon which our profession was founded, and upper cervical work is no exception. Our mission, as a club, is to facilitate and support your interest such that you can become confident in your practice of NUCCA for all of your future patients. We are in this mission together, and we’ll fulfill it together.

Ours is a technique based on the hyper-accurate measurement of the Upper Cervical Complex (Occiput, C1 - Atlas, & C2 - Axis) in 3D space, the calculation of the necessary correction of the Subluxation, and the implementation of that one corrective force to achieve adjustment. In essence, through the study of the nervous system, human anatomy, and physics, NUCCA has found a way to effectively adjust the entire spine with one vector. As you spend time with us and learn more about our work, you will come to find that NUCCA is not like other Chiropractic techniques, but is equally vital to successfully restoring a patient’s Innate potential.

Here you will find all the resources you need to get started with the principled philosophy, specific science, and beautiful art developed by Dr. Ralph Gregory that carries on as the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

May you be well and, of course, well-adjusted Chiropractically. We look forward to working with you.

All the best,

Finley T. Sesker

President-Palmer NUCCA Club

Had someone told me little over a year ago that I would soon be involved with NUCCA to the extent that I am now, I would not have given them the time of day. Knowing little about chiropractic at the time, it was very easy to dismiss those techniques which I had not previously heard of - NUCCA being one of them. This would have been a decision that I would one day regret, however.

The specificity that goes into NUCCA's protocol is unlike any that I have seen before. Every aspect of the technique - from the initial analysis through the post check - was thoroughly researched before being put into practice and shows with the results that its patients experience. Though chiropractic as a whole is focused on clearing the nervous system, rather than observable results, it is extraordinary to be able to see this happen with the post checks that have been put into practice. I would have never though that such a low force could be applied in such a way as to affect the body so positively.

The road that I will soon be traveling will not be an easy one, but in mastering this unparalleled technique I can rest assured that I will one day be helping my patients to the best of my abilities. 

May you exhibit full expression of life,

Jason Langslet
Vice President of Internal Affairs - Palmer NUCCA Club

It is a great honor to have achieved a place within the NUCCA community where doctors, students, and the general public alike, have interest in hearing what I have to share about this wonderful profession.

For me, the beauty of NUCCA derives from multiple aspects. First, shooting films and analyzing x-rays gives us the opportunity to be precise and objective with our findings, as well as also gives us the ability to visualize the neuromusculoskeletal system in order to find additional pathology that gives us the capability to make further diagnosis’ allowing for better care.

Second, the objectivity that accompanies the use of pre-adjustment screens for alignment holding. Whether you are using a Spinemaster, leg checks, or a thermal probing device, we are taking the most consistent and accurate measures to identify if adjustment is necessary.

Third, uniqueness of the adjustment itself is distinctive to NUCCA alone. There is no technique that offers a manipulative maneuver that can have as profound of an effect as the NUCCA adjustment. We truly are a “full-spine” technique.

I hope we may all learn and grow together as we continue to play our part in bettering the future of chiropractic by sharing the technique of NUCCA with our ever-needing communities.

Let us find health and happiness together,



Zachary T. Molland

Vice President of External Affairs-Palmer NUCCA Club

It is an honor and privilege to be elected into a club leadership position.  NUCCA is the technique for me because it corresponds with the philosophy of chiropractic.  

The first reason I chose NUCCA is because I believe that the upper cervical area is where "miracles" happen.  Correcting one spinal segment (C1) can influence the rest of the spine and allow the body to use its innate intelligence to heal itself.  BJ Palmer did a lot of research on the relationship of atlas with occiput and C2.  After reading Subluxation Specific Adjustment Specific I knew that Upper Cervical Chiropractic was what I wanted to practice.

Secondly the specificity of NUCCA is what caught my interest a few trimesters ago.  BJ Palmer once said Chiropractic is SPECIFIC or it is NOTHING.  With NUCCA you get a technique that is specific and individualized for each patient.  Your are not using the same vector with all of your patients.  NUCCA is specificity.

I hope as a club that we continue to learn more about this great technique everyday.  We are all blessed to soon be a part of this great profession.  Think about the daily opportunity to impact lives that we have!

In Good Health,

Matt Morris

Vice President of Logistics - Palmer NUCCA Club
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